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The Owner of website ,,The Religion of Mercy" wish you a warm welcome into the world of Islam, the religion of mercy, perfected by God for the mankind and sent it in revelation during 23 years, to the Last Messenger of God: Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wasalam, through the Angel Gabriel, sealed and preserved in the Holy Quran for 14 centuries - the Last Testament of God for mankind, The Reminder and The Mercy from God.

Andrei Roxana Elena Rahmah - Galati, Romania


Members who contributed with their own work in this website's content are:

Dr. Magdy Abdal-Shafy from Alexandria, Egypt - professor, writer and chief in editor at magazine ,,Miracles of the Quran Enciclopedya"

Dr. Q.A. Omran from Syria - english teacher

Dr. Khalid Aqil from Constanta, Romania - sheikh

Yassin from Asiout, Egypt - teacher

The material used for Islam crucial matters are from the book ,,An Explanation of the Last Tenth of the Noble Quran" of . The whole material is translated in Romanian by Andrei Roxana Elena Rahmah.

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Andrei Roxana Elena