,,I don't expect that anyone likes everything I think, say or do. It will mean that I am perfect and that's impossible!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,Last week, a man came to bring to me a package for which i should have legimitate myself by a card identity...when he saw me....he looked into my eyes and handed to me the package without requesting to proove to him that i am the owner. knowing that the rules are the rules and must be respected i tried to show him my CI. He refused to look at it and he said something that made me cry later. He said: no need madam, I trust you completly...I said thanks and left. A man who never saw me nor knew me was trusting me just through my eyes...or maybe my hijab.
I cried later....because i coudnt ask myself, why if i am n honest and trustworthy person and people see this, all my life i have been lied, cheated, decieved....belitled and replaced with others?
This bugged me a bit till I reilised that Allah loves me so much and that He let them do that to me, so I can hate lies and love truth and honesty more than anything. Alhamdu shukr Allah!

,,If you try to impose to others something that you love, with the intention of making them loving it too, the only thing you will get it will be to make them to reject it. But if you just share it with them, you might have real chances to make them embrace same things you do." ARE
,,Train yourself to be up in iman if you want to create safety not just be in safety!" Andrei RoxanaElena
,,How can you grow in humility if you cannot see the greatness of One in front of whom you should be humble? He is Allah the Greatest" . Andrei Roxana Elena
,,Some people say that if you feel not blessed by Allah, then feel your heart and know that you are blessed for it's still beating. I would go much far than this...Think that you exist....not just that you are still alive...you could have been never created...that's the start of the blessings of Allah. Alhamdu shukr Allah!" ARE (قمر)

,,La ce iti serveste inteligenta daca nu esti in stare sa ii culegi roadele? La ratacire si pierzanie!"
,,To what serves you intelligence if you're not able to get its fruits? To wandering and perdition!"

,,Fructele inteligentei sunt: bunatatea, rabdarea si intelepciunea!"
,,The fruits of intelligence are: the goodness, the patience and the wisdom!"

,,Rautatea are doua taisuri: cu unul te indeparteaza de oameni si cu celalalt te indeparteaza de Dumnezeu!"
,,Malice has two edges: with one gets you away from people and with the other gets you away from Allah!" ARE (Qamar)

,,Atunci când cauți dinadins sub microscop greșelile altuia, vei sfârși cu siguranță sa fii propria ta victima!"
,,When you search for other's fault under microscope, you will end up surely to be your own victim!"ARE (Qamar)

,,The greatness of our deeds it is measured by the tools we use and the manner, but the true appreciation for it is with Allah only!" ARE
,,Does really cost so much to be kind? We fail Allah so much, in so many ways and we blow so many moments as chances to do a good deed, just by returning a simple smile or a thanks, yet, He, The Merciful, The Kind...always forgive us and guard patience in front of our mistakes and sins. If human will really know how much love will gain from Allah just for being kind with others, perhaps will value it more, because for the human is hard to give without expectations! And because of this ingratitude he fail to value the love of Allah. Nothing is more certain in this life except death....that will come for sure. And how great might be to come in kindness, right?"ARE

,,Why do you search for peace and relief in what's in this life? Didn't you know that both are with Allah?"R.J.

13:28. Those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah - Islamic Monotheism), and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah, Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest .

94:5. So verily, with the hardship, there is relief,
6. Verily, with the hardship, there is relief (i.e. there is one hardship with two reliefs, so one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs).

2:286. Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope. He gets reward for that (good) which he has earned, and he is punished for that (evil) which he has earned. "Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us (Jews and Christians); our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Maula (Patron, Suppor-ter and Protector, etc.) and give us victory over the disbelieving people."

,,If there is any goodness inside me it is only thanks to Allah and not my merits. All i do is to try to keep it intact and make it grow, and He, Allah is the only One who helps me with this too!"R.J.
Subhanna'Allah wal-hamdu lillah wa Allahu Akbar

,,Allah always take out from me the best; and I fail Him always in hiding the worst in me." R.J.
سبحان الله و الحمد لله و الله أكبر
يغفر الله لي!

6:3. And He is Allah (to be worshiped Alone) in the heavens and on the earth, He knows what you conceal and what you reveal, and He knows what you earn (good or bad).

,,Happiness doesn't lay in anything material of this life; and how can something meant to perish forever could bring you happiness? All you have is yourself and your luggage full of deeds: that's what guarantees you everlasting happiness in truth."R.J.

,,How can one be bored of what is beautiful since He, Allah created all is beautiful; and if you love The Beautiful Allah how can your eye be tired to see beauty? How can one refrains to do good to anyone since He, Allah is the Only One who returns the good to you; and if you love Allah how can your heart stop you doing anything good? How can one dislike the truth since it is He, Allah who holds the truth; and if you love Allah, The Truth how come your tongue can spell a lie? The Beauty, Goodness and Truth are all Allah and on all these 3 He granted life, cause who doesn't value it....just died!" ARE
,,Malice has two edges: one makes you far away from people; and one makes you far away from Allah!"ARE
,,Rautatea are doua taisuri: cu unul te indeparteaza de oameni si cu celalalt de Allah!"ARE
,,The one who did sins hopping for washing them through fasting in the Ramadan Month will always rush to sin again, at the very first second of Eid Al-Fitr. Why? Because that was his intention: to do sin...so, as RasoulAllah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam said: "actions will be judged by intention" . We get what we intend....If u did sins thinking that its ok, you will wash it in Ramadan or in any other way, then this is what you get in return: doing sin again and again...till you will truly repent and avoid doing it! When we are bad intention we become just easy tools of Shaytan for manipulation!" ARE
,,The pure heart will never be the host of anything bad cause it is full of love for Allah!" ARE
,,Highest Arrogance: it is incredible how some people give credit and power to other than Allah, even when the evil they have done comes back to hit them. They don't say "My Lord forgive me!" but they say "This is a revenge of my enemies!"....'and the highest point of their arrogance is their sadness of their faces posing in victims. When the time of paying the price of your deeds had come it is just about justice and you cannot be a victim at all." ARE(Rahmah)

,,Every child is a blessing (disregarding the parents) because it is He, Allah The Giver of Life, The Fashioner and The Holy who created the child and all that (semen) contribute to the conception of a child. سبحان الله المحيي المصور القدوس" ARE

,,We are living in a world that force you to be bad; in a world that pushes you to do bad; in a world that teaches you to be insensitive; in a world that promote evil as value and goodness as worthless; in a world that what you get is more important than what you give....And in this world all we truly have is faith in Allah. The One who doesn't see that this is the only hope, then that one is already dead!" ARE(Rahmah)

,,I'm a victim of myself: i have taught my heart to love without expectations and i forgive everything now; i have taught my ears to listen well and now i hear even the unspoken words; i have taught my soul to be sensitive and now i feel the unconfined pain; i have taught my lips to smile and now i do not know to feel sad for myself; i have taught my eyes to see beyond the veil of dark and now they do not know to cry anymore for myself. I'm a victim of myself and i do not know to suffer anymore. All these are what I have forced myself to learn from Qur'an and only Qur'an will ever make me be nothing but the victim of true happiness in shaa Allah." ARE(Rahmah)

,,Sometimes we try too hard to keep the road straight and willingly to follow only the correct steps we pay so much attention to our feet that we forget to look also to the right side, or to the left side, or up and down, or even in front of us....where might be one step that we just missed to follow it. Keep the road straight with your heart first, cause in there is the love for Allah and the mind is the only gate through it for Shaytan!" A.R.E.(Rahmah)

,,If you can find one creature that you will admit has a creator behind you will understand that that one cannot be except The Creator of everything exist and that He is the only One who is not created; and that's Allah." ARE(Rahmah)

,,They say that Allah does not exist. Would these beauties could be created by themselves or be created by chance? And if so, then...who created that kind of love which lays into their hearts, even they are mute and without a mind? He is Allah, la illaha ilallah....He is Al-Khaliqu and only Allah could have created such beauties and that kind of love. Subhan'Allah" ARE(Rahmah)

,Allah could have made the passing from the day to the  night and backward as a ,,blink of an eye" only...but in His Mercy and Greatness made it slow, once for protection and secondly for let us see the beauty and the mightiness of His creation....through the sunshine and sunset....As the rays of sun are breaking the dark till they embrace the whole world in a splendid light - the Light of the true  faith invades the heart till embrace the soul. And as rays of moon keep one ray of light to stop the total dark, the ray of fitrah of Allah keeps the heart away from going astray or apostate....Subhan'Allah, He is Allah, The One...." ARE(Rahmah)

,,Fragile wings and splendor in the grass. This is how I see the butterfly, another creation of Allah subhan' wa ta'ala. They can fly but cannot win the winds for their fragile wings. If wouldn't be His kindness they will blow on highs. That's how our strength it really is - a fragile wing in front of wind - and if it wouldn't be His mercy upon us through everything we will blow on highs. And its beauty takes your breathe away as a splendor in the grass. If it wouldn't be His Greatness it will never bloom from an ugly case worm into a splendid butterfly. That's how human's beauty also blooms, by His Grace from an ugly clot into a beautiful complex human being. We owe to Him everything we are but also everything we have, to Him only, to Allah!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,Beauty(of the human character) has many faces, if you teach your child its universality he will recognize it and learn to accept it. But if you teach him that beauty has limits then he will not recognize it or even if he does he will not know how to accept it...and he will never fit in the world except in the place he learned everything he knows; and he will not know to deal except with those same like him. You will find him in front of a total new beauty, searching inside it what he expect to find it and for not finding it he will fail to enjoy it. There is nothing more sad than a human with a limited perception, cause his limits will learn others to setup new limits. And the greatness of Allah's creation lays in it's universality and happiest the ones who learn to see it and enjoy it really are. " ARE(Rahmah)

Something about the ,,Atheist"

,,If you are determinate to put under doubt everything, how can you even begin to search for any evidence? Is like you would start to walk on the road but you dig a hole in front of each one of your steps.

,,If you are determinate to not believe in what you do not know, how can you begin to seek for knowledge? Is like you start to walk on road of knowledge but you reject everything you don't know."

,,If you are put under question the credibility of everything around you, how will you give credibility to yourself then? Is like you are looking in the mirror but you do not see yourself there. All you see is"nothing"." Andrei Roxana Elena

,,Allah did not create the human for the self desires, but created them to serve to him. Anyone should know that it is not normal to let them rule your life then." ARE(Rahmah)

,,The obsessions of people states in what they mostly do or in what they often speak about. " ARE(Rahmah)

,,Do not judge the Word (ayat) of Your Lord, Almighty Allah through out your own light, because you will turn everything as your convenience; but seek for Allah's Light as the only standpoint for everything. Be wise not just a good educated one. And the Light of Allah means ,,the All-Knower, the All-Seeing, The Truth, The Creator, the Originator, The Light,.....He is Allah, subhan'Allah and no one has any right to be worshiped besides Him - and this is the command from your Lord!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,Life without true faith in Allah is like a door without a key. You'll never know what was behind it!" ARE(Rahmah)

,,Praying fajr on time - it's obedience...What can be more beneficent and worth it than to obey The One who created you ? I have imagined myself as a lifeless doll, in the hands of The One who made me...and after He breathed life inside my lifeless body...the first feeling I've got was to kiss Him for that....Perhaps my kiss would lift me up on the top of the skies, but as soon as I breathed again I wanted one thing only from myself: to obey to Him. That is the feeling that fills my heart and soul with a happiness that I thought I would never know....and the only thing that motivates me in everything. Subhana Allah wa alhamdu lillah wa Allahu akbar....to wake up for fajr in time it is just little that I can do to thank Him for everything and to feel Him watching over me. Only loving obedience will make us love any act of it, not just loving its great effects.....This is how I feel, think and believe...." A.R.E.(Rahmah)

,,In front of an imminent disaster, humans always forget about race, ethnicity, color, language, borders, enmity....and they pray together all over the world for the salvation of it. Even it looks like a beautiful emotional full impact image, in reality it is a deplorable one, because not all they pray in the right way, so how can the reply would be same for all? It is very sad  to see how man go crooked on the straight path!" ARE(Rahmah)
,,Qur'an 2:17. Their likeness is as the likeness of one who kindled a fire; then, when it lighted all around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness. (So) they could not see."

 ,, To focus in ,,I'm punished or  I'm tested " is wrong. It's irrelevant which one of it is, because whatever might be is for your own good. Allah loves deeply one whose punished because means He wants that one to wake up...even if He will take everything from him and leave him just alive...that one will learn what he should value...his life. Some people are like that...they don't realize what they had except after they lose everything. Breathing is with what life starts....If it will be the only thing that left for us, we would value more anything that comes from Him!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,The worst part of a speech isn't the amount of the words but the quality of it. If you wanna know someone, then ask him to learn a foreign language. If he will learn the bad words and how to insult you in that language there you have your answer. Good words you will find only at good people and bad words always at bad people." ARE (Rahmah)

,,Sometimes we get the feeling that we do not belong nor fit to a place; sometimes we feel as we cannot find our place. But there is no place in which to not be for a good purpose and that's what really matters! Find your purpose for the place where you are and you will feel as if you fit to the whole world! And Allah knows best!" ARE(Rahmah)

,,It is tremendously painful when people leaves you, in a way or other. Alhamdu lillah that Allah created Jannah, so we can meet all together, in a world where hearts will be just rings of love and minds just crowns of peace!"Ya Allah!!! ARE(Rahmah)

,,The real distance between two people is the misunderstanding. But if it is true love between them then will vanish it, either through finding an excuse, either through pardoning it. And in love you don't have to say"i'm sorry". ." ARE(Rahmah)

,,Some people choose the silence to put a quarrel to an end; others choose to say I'm sorry without being for blame so that argument come to an end. The first are just refrain their anger for fearing Allah; the second defies it for loving Allah."ARE(Rahmah)

,,If there is any good that you can do today, do it. Maybe tomorrow you wont have time even for regret it." ARE(R.J.)

,,There is nothing worst for a believer than to not realize what he does wrong and bad or forgetting to repent. It is like he would be in front of a door looking for a key and without seeing that it is opened!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,There are tears that only ,Allah can wipe it out and they are verry expensive. May Allah save the tears of innocents into pearls of Jannah!"ARE (Rahmah)

,,A heart which is true in its mercy will have mercy without restraining even for his own enemies no matter their number might be or how much the hurt it is!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,A heart which is true in its sensitivity will forget in less than a second its own tears and hurry up to erase yours even if are less in number than his!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,A heart which is true in kindness will know to be harsh only when you are out of the Path even if it is with just one step aside!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,A heart which is true in generosity will split in two even the little he has to give it in charity to the two ones in need of it and in three parts if is all he has." ARE (Rahmah)

,,To be sensitive doesn't mean to say Auch when it hurts you, but to realize when the others are hurt and to feel their pain it is indeed the real sense of sensitivity!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,Many people wish to change the world...thinking that the others should change, but they should start with themselves....many people eats these days cookies and sleep happy...while many people sleep under the free sky in the cold winter and only imagine a cake or just a bread on the table...." ARE (Rahmah)

,,If you do not believe in repentance and that someone bad can repent sincerely and change for a better one, then in vain you might say to him I forgive you, will be just empty words and nothing more. You actually don't forgive him but condemn him to a perpetual err. Trust of others has root in the taubah of those who must repent. If nobody trust that they can repent and correct the errors, they will feel no need to do it and on contrary they will increase in err considering that repentance would be useless. We must remember that one person can direct himself towards Allah and seek refuge in Him, but he will continue to live in the society and when one must face alone the world against him...will need more than just strong iman to not give up. He will need the hope deep inside his heart. It is not Allah who make the human hopeless, but the humans are who make everything hopeless. So, when you are asked for forgiveness don't just say it but show it plainly!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,Anyone can be the tool of helping others, because it is Allah's will. One thing important is to always expect everything from Allah, starting with the impossible and finishing with the miracle, and never expect anything from anybody. Always the help comes through the one less you expect!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,When you do something good think about the reward you'll get if you do one more after it. Will keep motivate you to do good without time to react nor intend to a bad deed! ARE (Rahmah)

,,Islam has been sent to the mankind. One becomes a true Muslim only by practicing Islam, not just by preaching it or spreading it. If we Muslims forget this detail then the spreading of Islam or the conveying of the message of Islam becomes zero!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,When you keep giving up your fights you only learn to be afraid! Is like you try to cross a bridge after you cut the strings and with which sound of breaking, you are more afraid to go on!" ARE(Rahmah)

,,When the human will admit that God knows better than him....will finally be highly educated." ARE (Rahmah)

,,Many people consider that real freedom is to do what you want but the real freedom is to do what is right."  ARE (Rahmah)

,,An intention that will not become an action will remain as it is: an intention. The materialized intentions can only move you towards your own qadar. So, to be sure you will walk towards the right qadar, always fulfill good intentions and never deliver the bad ones. Changing your life for the better and never for the worst can be the resort for successful end." ARE(Rahmah)

,,A character is not formed and does not change overnight. It requires dedication,perseverance, patience and education:in a word submission to Allah entirely. Obedience(submission) to Allah is not subjugation but something uplifting. Obedience to Allah rise to the virtue and guarantees success both in this life and the afterlife." ARE(Rahmah)

,,The virtue isn't in one who doesn't commit sin because he has no opportunity to do it; but it is virtue in one who has the opportunity to commit sins and he choose to not do it." ARE (Rahmah)

,,The one who leaves you for the sake of Allah only is better than the one who stays with you for your sake or for his sake! If you chose the one who follow his own path, how can you expect from your steps to keep up straight?" ARE(Rahmah)

Sealed heart

,,A person who keeps love locked up in his heart, like a pearl into an oyster, and doesn't know or want to give it to someone else is condemned to live in suffering. Not even the most powerful key in the world can unlock that heart and release free the love. But a person who can and wants to give love to anyone, has found the path to happiness." ARE (Rahmah)

,,If you don't understand what is a ,,command" then how can you begin to submit? Is like you are in front of the door of success but you have in your power the key for ,,unsuccessful" one!" ARE (Rahmah)

,,Life comes with details. It is not just a bubble of oxygen that we keep breathe in it. It comes with a blessing – the detail of existence. It comes with a mercy – the detail of guidance. It comes with fairness – the detail of choosing. It comes with love – the detail of sustenance. It comes with protection – the detail of fitrah. It comes with the truth – the detail of witnessing. It comes with responsibility – the detail of immortality. Nobody born in vain and each human being is important.” ARE (Rahmah)

,,We are living in an impossible world, where if you express your opinion it is as you judge and if you give an advice is as you critic. We cannot make justice based on prejudice and we cannot prevent the errors without pointing it. " ARE (Rahmah)

,,Some people never change even if a bulldozer might pass over them...Not because they are from rubber, but because they are content with who they are, whatever they are bad or good. In one case is about arrogance, and the other case is about humbleness! In both cases Allah will not change them simply because first one doesn't wanna change and the second one doesn't need any change." ARE (Rahmah)

Andrei Roxana Elena